The Meeting For the first time in the America, the Creative Cities for Gastronomy meeting will have BelAi??m as its host from November 7 to 11th. The capital of the state of ParA? receives the meeting two years after conquering the international title of Creative City of Gastronomy, awarded by the United Nations Educational, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), becoming one of the 116 creative cities scattered throughout the world.

During five days, BelAi??m will receive chefs from various locations of Brazil and the world. They all will get to know the city, the region of the islands and, of course, experience the gastronomy of ParA?. In this period, topics of scientific content will also be discussed, focusing on the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, the region and its large area and complexity, gastronomyai??i??s production chain, the local and the environmentai??i??s sustainable management, in addition to generating employment and income.

Organized by the municipal City Hall, and supported by the Government of the State of ParA?, BelAi??m is the sixth city of the world to receive the Creative Cities for Gastronomy meeting. Before it, since 2016, Gaziantep, in Turkey; Phuket, in Thailand; Parma, in Italy; Bergen, in Norway; and DAi??nia, in Spain, were hosts for this event.

The schedule of theAi??Creative Cities for Gastronomy meeting, in BelAi??m, under the theme ai???BelAi??m enchants the eyes and conquers with flavorai???, will have the presence of more than 30 Culinary Chefs ai??i?? 7 already confirmed ai??i?? from countries like China, IrA?, Turquia, SuAi??cia, Estados Unidos, MAi??xico and ColA?mbia, in addition to Brazilian and local chefs.

Nationally renowned people, with strong influence in the areas of communication and media, were also invited, such as the journalist of Rede Globo, Zeca Camargo and the digital influencer David Brasil.

The Creative Cities for Gastronomy meeting starts on Tuesday, the 7th, with a cocktail opening for guests at the AntA?nio Lemos Palace, the City Hall of BelAi??m, followed by a presentation of BelAi??mai??i??s Municipal Guard Band, playing a repertoire of compositions by Maestro Waldemar Henrique.

On Wednesday, the 8th, the guests will have a riverside activity, on the island of Combu, where they will have contact with the cocoa production of Dona Nena, and get to Ai??know the ecological trails of the island. At the end of the day, the event goes to the EspaAi??o Ver-O-Rio, in a fair that will contemplate music, dance, artisanal crafts and arts, in addition to having the presence of members of indigenous tribes of ParA?, such as the TembAi??, samba schools and CarimbA? groups.

On Thursday, the 9th, it will be the time of the workshop Biodiversity: Dialogues with gastronomy, at the Polo Joalheiro, which will discuss topics related to gastronomy. The schedule continues during the afternoon at the same place, in an area set up to receive the public, which will have a key participation in the live challenge of the chefs, at the ai???Cooking Showai??? event. The chefs will create dishes with regional ingredients, and will be evaluated by the public who will participate in the tasting.

On Friday, the 10th, the day Ai??begins with the guestsai??i?? visit to the Ver-O-Peso, where they will see the food fair, markets, the Boieira women, the fishermen and the Erveira women. There will also be visits to places of interest in BelAi??m, such as the EmAi??lio Goeldi Museum, the Theatro da Paz and the Feliz Lusitania Complex. The end of this day will be in the midst of a great gastronomic fair in the Portal da AmazA?nia, which will also havean AAi??ai Festival. To mark this activity, the singer FafA? de BelAi??m will lead a great musical show, with the participation of other local artists, of Guitarrada and CarimbA?, on a stage built on the spot. On Saturday, the 11th, the closing of the event, guests will get to know the Garden of the Amazon Forest, the Murucutu ruins on the Ceasa road. The lunch of the guests on that day will mark the launch of the Festival Fartura ai??i?? Foods of Brazil, which will be held in BelAi??m shortly. This festival seeks to highlight what is most characteristic to the culinary of the places where the event passes through.