A peopleai??i??s gastronomic culture is, especially, an important historical and ethnic representation of said people, of a city, and BelAi??m has one of the most authentic cuisines in Brazil for having preserved its Indigenous/Amazonian origin and, at same time, allowed the union of these millenary recipes with the newest cuisine techniques.
The candidacy of the capital of ParA? for Creative City of Gastronomy was presented by the City of BelAi??m from elaborate research done by Instituto AtA? from SA?o Paulo (SP), presided by the renowned Brazilian Chef Alex Atala, and by Instituto Paulo Martins that researches, promotes and disseminates the Paraense and Amazonian gastronomy, with emphasis on the cuisine of BelAi??m.
This achievement is the result of intense work by the City of BelAi??m, in partnership with the State Government and other organizations representative of the gastronomic sector, when the candidacy of the capital of ParA? also received the support of the Brazilian Bar and Restaurant Association (Abrasel), the National Tourism Confederation and the Palacio do Itamaraty, in Brasilia.
Network – City of Gastronomy is a title given by Unesco within the Creative Cities Network, that total 116 cities worldwide. There are 16 in ai??i??ai??i??gastronomy and, besides BelAi??m, the other city in Brazil also declared as such is FlorianA?polis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. The recognized cities commit themselves to promote the local creativity, as well as sharing the interest in Unescoai??i??s mission regarding the regionai??i??s cultural diversity.
As a way of capitalizing on the title received, Unesco recommends creating events that induce exchanges among the Creative Cities of Gastronomy in Brazil and abroad. These meetings stand out by the importance of the gastronomic sector as a whole, from the small producers of organic inputs, the processing industries and food exporters, through all the logistics involved in this dynamic, until all the of the culinary delicacies are put on the tables at bars, restaurants and hotels.
Besides BelAi??m and FlorianA?polis, Creative Cities of Gastronomy, Unescoai??i??s list also has the city of Salvador (Bahia) in the creative music field and Santos (SA?o Paulo) in the cinema field. The 47 cities from 33 countries that received the titles in the field of handicrafts and folk art, design, cinema, gastronomy, literature, media arts and music were announced by the entity in Paris, France, in 2015. Dipyridamole cheap Price panmycin